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My own saving

So how do I get on with my moneysaving?

I started the day with a very relevant situation: I am going to meet one of my favorite friends for coffee. We both love coffee and cafés. We normally meet every week or every second week, just to have a nice chat on our own. We both like meeting in a café, it is easy and nice coffee. But just as much as I love coffee and cafés, I do not like adding up how much I spend there! Because, let us face it, it all adds up! And I am really doing my best to not spend a lot of money here!!

So last night, I called up my friend and invited her to my house instead, with the promise of the coffee she really likes!

A long time ago, I got a little gadget. Not an expensive coffee machine, but an electric milk frother!  I got the cheapest there was, and it was well worth it!

This is how I make my cafe latte: I get my cafetiere out and make a strong coffee. I use about the double amount I would normally use. I then take a pot and heat up the milk till it starts steaming, not too hot. Then I use my milk frother and get a nice foam. Find a big cup, pour 1/4 coffee and the rest milk. I love brown sugar, but that is up to you! Could not be easier, my friend loves it and it is nice to meet at home as well, and a lot cheaper!!kaffe2

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