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make your money grow

So it is all very well to save your money in the bank, but as I have said before, in order to save, you need to have something to save from! When you are broke, it is not possible to save, you need to have some extra cash in order to be able to save. But if and when you do have some money to save, consider investing them. The interest rate the banks are giving at the moment are not making up for the inflation, so you are basically loosing money by keeping your money in a normal savings account. Do you want to loose money? The interest rates might go up, but it looks to be a while before that is about to happen.

Try looking into different ways of investing and see what suits you. It might be best for you to buy government bonds, you might want to talk to a stock broker or see what kind of options your bank has. There are a lot of companies offering advise, but they all come at a price, and who knows how good they are?

You might want to look into matters yourself and at least have a good knowledge of things before you settle for anything.

There is a great book called investing for dummies, written by Eric Tyson, which is well worth reading. It offers advise on investment no matter where you are in life and how much money you have available to invest.investing for dummies

Just remember to be careful with what you invest your money in, and it might also be wise to spread the risk a bit, not just investing all your money in one thing!

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