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what makes YOU happy?

If you think that living within your means equals saving money, think that living below your means means saving more money. I know I like having money to my name, and I get stars in my eyes thinking about a growing bank account, but you see, it makes me ever so happy, it makes me sleep better and I like having the security it brings!!

Not everyone are the same, but financial security really matters to me! I am not that into competing about the best holiday or newest car, though I do prefer cars that takes me from A to B without breaking down. I like having a house that is decent and I like some new clothes from time to time, but I do not need it all the time. I like holidays, but some of my best holidays have been done on a very low budget, and I come home feeling I have had a great time without paying an arm and a leg for it.

If you set a standard of life YOU  yourself think is acceptable and do no not try to keep up with with what others have, you will find yourself a lot more content, as you will always have someone to compete with if you are going to compare yourself with others. There are most likely always going to be someone who has a better car or house or holiday than you, but that does not make them any happier.

If you manage to be content in your day to day life, having what you need and still working to secure your future, you are doing great: If you are constantly working to get something that is better than your neighbours, colleagues or others, you are fighting a loosing battle.

Use your common sense and try to find out what is important to you, and it is just YOU who can decide that. Maybe it is important to you to get that brand new car or an expensive holiday. And that is fine, but make it your wish based on what YOU want, and what you can afford! Maybe you simply want to save up for a deposit on a new house or a bigger house. Remember that if you save up, you are not paying any interest and you do not pay for a loan up that ends up costing you a lot.

What choices you make is all up to you and your wishes for your private economy, but just do things for the right reasons and want it and you can actually afford it, and remember to be happy:-))))

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