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the need for a bit of shopping

More or less every time I go to a shop that is halfway interesting, I feel a need for something new. I am not a shopaholic, I am very far away, I am perfectly fine as long as I do not go to the shops I like. Then I see all these new things that I know would look great in, or something that would look fantastic in my house…I have learned my lesson, this strong feeling of need I get will pass. When I get home, I will look around me and be fine with what I have, if I look in my closet a day when I feel ok, I will be pleased with what I have, and feel that I look ok in most of it.

I do not always feel great, but I know that as long as my clothes are ok, the feeling is more from within than anything to do with my clothes. If I wash my hair and go out for a walk, I will feel a lot better about myself..

As for my house, as long as it is fairly tidy, I am not to unhappy about it. There will always be things I would like to change, but that is the story of everything. I can not change everything I want all the time, I will end up broke! I like some expensive things, but I am also very fond of memories. I am fond of the things I have been given as presents, I am fond of things I have inherited. But I am not fond of mess!

So every time I feel the need to do something that involves money around the house, I clean and organize things. Most times the need to renew my home or my wardrobe disappears, other times it is actually needed, we all need things from time to time, it is simply the frequency of our needs..

I love having everything in a system, it makes me feel so much calmer and happier about things. It makes me feel I have plenty of things as well, and everything looks so much nicer when it is properly organized.

There are some great systems you can buy, but you can also use a lot of what you already have to store things in. But remember to through things you know for a fact you will never use again, like scarp paper and old magazines. If there is something in a magazine you want to keep, make a folder and stick it in there, you do not need the whole magazine, it clutters up your house.

So when you go to the shop, go home and have a think before you buy. Consider if what you desire is something  you need or want, how strong is your need and can you possibly live without it? You know for a fact things do not come for free, can you actually afford it? If you can`t, you should definitely not buy it. If you can afford it that month, you should ask yourself, is this how I want to spend my money? Is there a better way to spend them? And the choice is yours:-) Be happy about what you have, once you thought it looked nice in the shops and you bought it, just like the new thing you fancy now! There is no better way of spending money than going to the shops, or internettshopping:-)


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