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how to torture my son

I am going to torture my youngest son today, I am taking him shopping. It is simply torture to him.

I have to admit I am not looking forward to it myself, but it has to happen. He needs new shoes, but it will not be a joyous outing.

He is 12 years old, has fast growing feet and hates shopping. Going to the shops with him is like torture, I never take him to any shops if I do not absolutely have to. He would rather be anywhere else in the whole world but there. His whole body is telling the world how he hates being there. He does not say much, he does not complain that much, it could have been a lot more complaining going on than what he does. It is just that I can read him like an open book and it makes me ever so stressed feeling his resentment for being where we are.

And though I hate taking him shopping , I have to laugh, I doubt his hatred of shopping will ever change.  He loves cars and would happily spend hours in a car showroom, how anyone can possibly want that is a mystery to me, but there you go, I suppose he is simply a typical boy who needs new shoes. The ones he had from last year are too small, he cannot wear them even though he has tried to convince me they are just fine, they are simply way too small. So we are off to the shops after school today, help me!!

I am planning ahead, he needs new shoes for the autumn as well, as I know there are some good sales on, I am going to chance it and buy some shoes for him for the autumn as well. As I do not have a crystal ball, I do not know what size he will be then, but I guess he will need 2 sizes up from now by then, one size up now and one size in the autumn. I might be wrong, but it will save me a trip to the shops with him then and hopefully getting some shoes on sale as well!

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