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looking after your money

We all have to keep control over our personal economy in order to be in the best financial position possible. And I presume that as you are reading this, you are actually interested in your personal economy and how to improve it!

Most of us will benefit from taking a look at our personal economy from time to time and evaluate how we are spending our hard-earned cash. By getting control over whatever money you have and where you are spending it, you will be able to make better financial choices and help securing your own future. Even if you have a lot of money and never find yourself broke at the end of a month of careless, uncontrolled spending, you might wish to rethink your choices from time to time!

Personally I have made some good financial choices in the past, and some choices that have been quite frankly awful! I am simply a human being!   I am not a likely candidate to appear on some reality show for how bad you can sink into poverty and debt, though I did feel pretty poor when I had a look in the jewelry department in Harrods last year, most of us do! I am not hopeless with how I spend my money, but I still know I can do better! I was really good with my money for a good few years, and then I got complacent and used a bit here, a bit there, then I sat down at the end of last year and I got annoyed and angry with myself because I should know better!

My husband and I have done some serious saving in the past, we had a rough time financially in 2008 when my husband’s salary was getting reduced. At that point we were financially forced to go through all our outgoings and spending and see where we could save some money. So we went through our outgoings, cut and trimmed our budget, and we saved a lot! And when the income went back to normal, we continued, for a while, to be careful with our money. We did not spend any more than what we had done when we had less money, and we put all the extra money we had away, and saved quite a bit.. Actually, we continued till we had paid off the house and got some money in the bank.. and then we relaxed and started to lose control over where the money went, because let`s face it, it was easy! We had enough money to go around; we were still saving though not much. I knew we shouldn`t spend as much as we did, but I think we were a bit lazy and too relaxed.. And I am seriously annoyed with both of us! We could have been in a much better place financially than what we are. As regret does very little good for me, I better change my habits, my way of thinking and get into game of frugality and saving again!

I loved seeing my bank account getting happier and when we paid our house off, I was ever so happy and grateful for the financial changes we had made!

My reason for getting a better idea of where my money is going and how to improve my economy now, is simply that I hate the thought of wasting any more money than I already have wasted, and I harbour a natural fear of our financial future. I want to secure my kids education and our own retirement, though that is far into the future. I simply wish to make the best of what we have, because why should I waste it? I do not want to look back regretting basically throwing money away on completely forgettable matters.

Maybe you have a young family and are looking for ways to make it possible for one of you to stay at home? Maybe you are deep down in debt wondering how on earth to get out of it? Or maybe you simply wonder why it seems impossible to save up some extra money, or why the money never last till the end of the month.

I hope I can help you, there are lots of ways you can help your financial situation and make it possible to pay off debt, work less, retire earlier, buy a second home, you name it! These things are common sense and smart tips, nothing you cannot do. Some will save you a little, others a lot, but add up enough small changes and they make a difference!

It is important to make a budget, become aware of your habits and change them, change your way of thinking, and stick to your new habits! I do also need to follow my own advice and not fall back into temptation, as having control over my money will make me a lot happier!


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