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My budget for March

I found this quote by Dave Ramsey, and though I like it, I would like to change it a bit for my budget for March: A budget is telling you where your money have gone instead of wondering where they went.

I went through my budget for March last night, and I was not a lot in pluss! I am not in the red, but it will not be a lot of extra money to save this month!

But despite being a bit upset, I am going to be positive! It is too late to unspend the money what I have spent anyway! April is still a fairly new month, with new possibilities, and I have to learn that yes, I can be a bit optimistic sometimes with how little money I need to spend,  and then I get a bit upset when I learn the truth…

March is a month full of birthdays and I have been too generous, according to my estimated budget.. I still do not think I was too bad, so I should not beat myself up too badly!

My kids went to a lot of birthday parties, 2 of my kids have their own birthdays in March, so add up presents and the cost of parties to them with the cost of presents to others,  and it comes to quite a lot, despite trying to keep the costs down!

So my budget has spoken: I know how much I have spent and where the money have gone, it is no mystery! Sadly it is still quite a lot of money, and we are coming up for Easter, so I better be careful this week and have more money to spend next week!

I am going to dig my bike out and save some money on fuel!


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