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my fuelsaver

I got my bike out today, and I love it!

I got my bike a couple of years ago as a birthday present from my husband, and when I checked the bank account to find out how much he had paid for it (he knows I do it, I always do), I wished I had not done it! It was not the most expensive of bikes by any means, but not the cheapest one either!

So as my husband hasn`t  nicknamed me mrs. Grippy without reason, I  decided to get the money back somehow, by using it!

It was a very timely present, as we at that moment in time had a car that needed a lot of time spent in the garage, so I used my bike! The car spent 3 weeks in the garage, and I spent no money on fuel! The fact that the garage bill made me want to cry is a different matter, but I was ever so happy to spend no money on fuel that I continued using my bike a lot (unless it is too wet, I`m sorry). I do not like cycling when it is too cold for me either, yes, I can do better, but I still love my bike and as we are coming into a season where it is palatable to cycle, I am going to use my bike and feel happy about not spending so much money on fuel, and avoiding wear and tear on my car, which equals less bills from the garage! I hate those bills, they are never cheap!

But an other sad bit of truth is, my bum will be very sore tomorrow, but it is good for it! Never mind the money side of things, yes, I do save money by using the car, but I am very fond of food but not the effect excessive eating has, so both my bum and my waste line will be very pleased after a few weeks of cycling:-)) So it is just to hope for nice weather and then my bum, waste line and bank account will be happier:-))

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