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summerholiday for the director of finance

The summer holiday has started.. That means I have two teenage kids, one 12 year old + a husband with a lot of wishes and expectations. Frankly, I might have one or two myself, but as I am also the director of finance, my main task here is to minimize the damage done to the bank account by these wishes and wants and demands and expectations…

Truth being told, my kids are not the worst, they have friends who sometimes goes on expensive holidays and sometimes not, some go on holidays others stay at home the whole summer. My husband has got colleagues who likes to frankly brag about their holiday plans and he starts talking about what we can do around Xmas-time. It can drive me mad, because I do not think it is worth it! That does not mean I do not want to, or that I do not enjoy it, or that we never go. It is just that I hate the expense, 5 people on a plane and nice hotell, I feel my heart breaking!! We have been on a few, and it is nice, but not so great afterwards…

I like having money in the bank, I like holidays and nice experiences as much as anyone, I just do not want to pay an arm and a leg for it! And to be honest, I do not want to use it as a symbol of status. If people think more of me because where my holidays are going, I do not think I can be bothered, but that is me! I am officially a cheapskate and my husband is suffering from sulking and a happy bank account as a result of that! He quickly forgets about sulking and he enjoys having financial security, so no harm done:-))

This year we have decided not to go anywhere expensive.. as we have been away to see my husband`s family twice and though I do not grudge that, fact is that it costs as we need airtickets, hirecare +++++ everything you need when you go away. And it adds up. So we are lucky enough to use my parents cabin in the mountains. There are some complaints about the lack of electricity and that we have been there a lot of times, but there you go, still nice in my view and very cheap! My contribuion is to paint a bit this year, we do use it on a regular basis and have had a lot of trips everyone have enjoyed up there! No, it is not Spain, Florida or the Bahamas, the beaches are white but the water ice cold!

In the meantime, I am staying at home and went to the beach with the kids yesterday, and it was a great day for everyone! Brought my portable barbeque and some food, and book I did not open as I was always talking to someone.. Everyone had a smile on their face all the time and enjoyed it!!

Yes, I am suffering all the symptoms of a cheapskate:

  1. I like having full control over my money
  2. I do not give in when I compare myself with those around me
  3. I like saving for the future
  4. I save money where I can
  5. I even enjoy saving money (well, I like the result anyway)

So does this give me a good summer? Yes, as a matter of fact not only that, but also a happy bank account and more money to spend on things I need, like the cooker that died this morning!!!


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